Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lilly for Target haul...


I’ve always been obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer’s clothing line, but I could never bring myself to spending so much for a dress or top (which is weird because I can splurge on handbags and shoes). So when I heard about the Lilly collaboration with target, I was excited to shop for some Lilly at budget friendly prices.

My plans to shop the collection were to simply stay up all night for the online release to get the “online only” items, and shop the remainder items in store the next morning. Online, I was able to purchase the gold espadrille wedges and the happy place shift dress, before the target website crashed. I hadn’t planned on waking up early to wait in line at Target; neither did I think there would be a line. It was until the Target website had crashed and there was chaos, and madness all over the internet…I knew then I had to wake up early to be one of the first in line.

Javier and I got to Target around 7:15 and surprisingly, there were only six girls ahead of us. By 8:00, there were about thirty total. My other local Targets had lines going around the buildings from what I heard, so I was glad I went to the right one. When the doors opened, everyone ran inside, and attacked the women’s section. Everything was gone in five minutes. Some grabbed what they wanted and went about their way, but others pretty much cleared an entire rack grabbing multiple of the same item-which made others angry! With the help of my hunny, I was able to get most of the items on my wish list, and some additional items that I initially didn’t plan on getting. I also ended up giving away some items I was unsure about, to a few girls who didn’t have the same luck as I did which was the best part of this experience! I'm happy that they got to home with something as well.

This past weekend, I went to a different target and found so much Lilly! Theres a lot of returns going on so if you weren’t able to snag a few items, there’s still hope.

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