Friday, July 22, 2016

My Nsale picks

Happy Friday! The day has Nordstrom's anniversary sale is open to everyone so if you didn't have a Nordstrom credit/debit card, you can now shop the sale as well. This sale is highly anticipated because Nordstrom marks down tons of selected items to amazing prices. It is the perfect time to stock up on fall pieces, and this year the sale is SO GOOD!!! I have placed maybe 5 different orders and keep adding things to my "wish list" hoping for them to re-stock.

There are over two thousand items which is a lot to go through so if you're not in the mood to scroll trough them all lucky for you I've rounded up some of the most popular items. You can click on the pictures of the item that interests you and it will take you directly to the link. These items are selling/will sell out quick especially now that the sale is open to everyone so hurry! If you like something don't think about it too long because some items don't get re-stocked...lesson learned from last year :( Also, prices go back up on August 8th.








So which items were your favorites? If you've had your eye on any designer piece like maybe some Tory Burch boots now is the time to splurge on them before they go back up to their original price. Let me know if you would like to see the items I've bought and I will do a separate blog post with my opinion on the items I bought, and sizing reference. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed weekend!