Friday, May 5, 2017

Prada Marfa

Dress:Lauren James|Heels:here|Bag: Tory Burch similar here| Earrings: Kendra Scott

Happy Friday! We drove to Marfa,Texas a few weeks ago, and the nine hour drive was so worth it! I would highly recommend a road trip to West Texas as there are so many places to visit, and jaw-dropping scenery. Houston is a very "flat" city so to see mountains is quite mesmerizing well at least for this Houstonian it is :)

This Prada art installation had been on my bucket list ever since I found out about it! One day me and Jay were like "we should go this weekend" and just like that out of the blue we planned a mini trip and left that same weekend. We left Houston around 11p.m. and drove almost nine hours straight with a few restroom/gas stops. We got there around 9a.m and in case you're wondering-yes I left my house with pajamas, my hair curled, and did my makeup in the car as we got closer. Mind you I was running on zero hours of sleep so if I look a hot mess in these pictures that's the reason why LOL! We were trying to get there as early as we could because although it's in the middle of no where (literally) it still gets crowded to the point that you have to wait your turn to take your picture, and if you're a fashion blogger then you know we don't settle for 10 or 20 pictures LOL!!!

When we got there there was already a crowd of about 10-12 people, and when I started shooting a man and his wife asked if they could take my picture. They loved how my red dress coordinated with the background, and seemed like sweet people so I agreed, however almost the entire crowd started taking my picture. In my mind I was like "what the heck?" but I also felt flattered like if I was a celebrity and they were my paparazzi ha! Anyway,to the people who were in that crowd and took my picture if you're reading this I would love to see how those turned out so please email me :)

I fell in love with the open back and bow detail of this dress so I knew I had to share it with you guys especially because this specific color is on sale! It runs kind of small-I am wearing a size large for reference but i am usually a Medium and can fit into some smalls. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and be sure to stop by on Monday for another blog post. XO

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Jacket: Nordstrom|Top: MSSP |Pants: XOXO| Boots: Dolce Vita (from last year) identical pair here| Gloves: Michael Kors| Beanie: Old Navy, sold out similar here|Bow bag: Kate Spade, similar here Scarf: Nordstrom

Happy New Years! I hope you all had a great New Years and I wish you the very best this year! I wore this look on the last day of my trip to Wisconsin/Chicago. I cannot begin to tell you how freezing cold it was in Chicago! I took off my gloves to tie Jacobs shoe laces and my hands froze in seconds!!! We didn't have much time to explore Chicago but we did get to see the giant bean and walk around the little park right next to it where I took these pictures.

I wore a coat on top of this outfit because there was no way I would have survived the cold wearing only the leather jacket pictured above. (#bloggerprobs) Lol! On another note my pants were so comfy, and made traveling so much easier because they are pull ups. They flattened my belly area, and gave me the appearance of a bigger butt which is every girls dreams ha! They are on sale for $40 and are so worth it!

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