Friday, June 7, 2019

First trimester recap

Today I make 26 weeks pregnant which means I am currently in the second trimester, and will soon share my second trimester update.  I still remember everything from my first trimester, and wanted to share with you all the details. This pregnancy has been so different than my first in so many ways, and I'll be sharing in a Q&A form so here we go...

When did you find out?
I took a pregnancy test on January 7 (the cheap ones that come with the ovulation kit) but because the positive result was very faint, I didn't believe it was a true positive. I kept testing every day that week for four days and still kept getting faint positives. Finally, I went out and bought the Clear Blue digital test and sure enough the word "pregnant" came up. Turns out I was getting faint positives because my pregnancy was so early and I didn't have enough pregnancy hormones to create a strong positive. Looking back at this it makes me feel dumb that I didn't trust those faint positives. I went to medical school a few years back and I should have known I was pregnant from the start lol. You can read more about the beginning of my pregnancy journey here

How did you tell family and friends?
I really wanted to make cute little announcement gifts and surprise our families, however my husband was way too excited and couldn't keep the secret much longer. We ended up telling his side of the family back in February while at my mother in laws birthday party, and they were pretty excited for us. On my side of the family we told my parents, our son, and siblings by showing them the pregnancy test, and later posted on Facebook our announcement photos to let the rest of the family know. We both have big families so making cute gifts and telling each family one by one, would have taken forever lol. Who knows, maybe I'll do something cute for the next baby.

Any weight gain?
From the time I found out I was pregnant to the time I went to my first doctors appointment at seven weeks pregnant, I had gained one pound. Three weeks later I had to go back to my doctor for bloodwork. and another ultrasound, and had gained two more pounds so now it was a total of three pounds gained. By my next appointment I was shocked to have lost the two pounds that I had gained on my previous visit. By my last first trimester appointment, I had gained those two pounds back so if you ask me, I gained a total of three pounds on my first trimester which is completely normal. My goal is to gain less than 30lbs this pregnancy and will be working out as soon as my doctor gives me the "ok" to do so after baby is born.

Physical changes?
Oh yes! Since around week four I was ridiculously bloated. I was surprised that I had only gained one pound by that time because my belly so huge, and I mean like four months pregnant huge and I was only four weeks! I guess it was just my body accommodating to growing a baby because by week seven the bloatedness went away and my belly went back to its normal size. Other than this, I didn't have any other body changes.

*Me at 13 weeks, belly starting to show*

Have you bought maternity clothes?
Like I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I am 26 weeks pregnant or 6 months pregnant, and still fit into most of my regular shirts so I never bought any maternity tops during my first trimester. My jeans on the other hand, started feeling uncomfortable by the end of my first trimester so I did go out and buy one paid of maternity jeans from Ross. If you are expecting I really recommend the maternity section at Ross. They have really cute clothes and all very affordable! My maternity jeans were only $15 and the fit was way better than the expensive jeans from the maternity stores at the mall. Other maternity stores I recommend are: Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy, Asos, H&M, and PinkBlush.

*Here's me at 13 weeks trying out maternity clothes with my teeny tiny bump*

Are you sleeping well?
Sleep was great in the beginning of my first trimester since my bump was tiny. Towards the end of the first trimester I did have to get a body pillow because I started sleeping on my side and needed that extra side support if that makes sense.

Any symptoms?
So to give you a little background,  I didn't actually get any symptoms until I hit 9 weeks as far as morning sickness. Even so, I didn't have morning sickness, but I did experience afternoon sickness. Every day for exactly one month, I got sick after 3pm but it was bearable. I got the worse of it on week 13, and even had to force myself to throw up to see if maybe that would make me feel better (which didn't by the way). Thinking back at this, it wasn't as bad as my first pregnancy, and I am extremely grateful that I didn't get super sick. Another symptom I had was acne, and it was so bad! I had never had a breakout like I did with this pregnancy and not even the best face creams helped. My skin is all better now but the acne did last a good three months. Lastly, something else I experienced that is really not a symptom but I guess you can say more of a discomfort was having a hard time brushing my teeth! I think almost every pregnant woman experiences this and usually lasts all pregnancy. It's crazy how brushing your teeth makes you gag and something throw up acid. Sorry TMI but if you've ever been pregnant then you know what I mean.

Did you have any cravings?
All I wanted was cold fruit especially watermelon. At other times I randomly asked my husband to get me some cake but other than that, I didn't really have any major cravings.

Any food aversions?
I could not eat or smell meat! Even the thought of meat made me sick. There were also a few other foods and snacks that I really loved like pickles, but as soon as they were in my mouth, they instantly tasted foul and I couldn't eat them. I was also a big time water drinker and when my symptoms kicked in, I was no longer able to drink water. Thankfully that went away and I am back drinking water again.

Babys Gender?
Since this pregnancy has been different than my pregnancy with my son, I was starting to think I was now expecting a baby girl. Both mine and my husbands family (with the exception of very few people) all thought it was a boy. All I kept hearing was boy, boy, boy, therefore I convinced myself that I was having a boy. I spent so much time reading on old wives tales and the Chinese gender calendar and kept getting mixed answers. My doctor offered us genetic testing as a courtesy so we said yes and found out the gender at our gender reveal party in March. I will finally be sharing our baby's gender with you guys next week and I cannot wait. 

*This was taken at out gender reveal party on March 31st. I was 16 weeks here. What do you think? Boy or Girl?*

Least favorite moments?
Feeling tired all the time and the short period of evening sickness. Thankfully it all went away phew!

Best pregnancy moment?
Best moment was listening to our baby's heartbeat for the first time. I bought a doppler so the first time we heard baby's heartbeat was at the comfort of our home, and it was such a special moment. Another best moment was seeing our baby for the first time in the ultrasound. At just seven weeks, there was baby, just a tiny little bean but already so loved and we cannot wait for baby to be here.

Something you are looking forward to?
By the end of my first trimester I was really looking forward to feeling my baby move. Feeling the little kicks is my favorite thing about pregnancy with the exception of my ribs being kicked lol. Something else I was looking forward to was getting my energy back. Feeling tired all the time sucked!

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